Conquering Tara

Hello fellow travellers!

My name is Ilinca, I’m 24 years old and I live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Please let me tell you about one of the best trips I have ever been on; it involves rafting, canyoning, fun, adrenaline, incredible landscapes and amazing people.

The story starts with 8 team members from the Gordias Group, guided by Isti Pisty from No-Mads, leaving for a 5 day team-building trip. The destination was a rafting camp in Bosnia – Herzegovina, where we would meet our incredible local guide Ivan, who is in the rafting and canyoning business with his brother, Igor. TARASPORT is the name of their company – remember that name because it is worthy of a lot of praise.

The trip from Cluj-Napoca to Bosnia – Herzegovina is about a 15 hour drive (stops included). Having a van as a transportation vehicle undoubtedly increases the fun.

The camp itself (Stradovan Luca) is well maintained, has good housing conditions and is situated in beautiful surroundings.
Our schedule for the next 3 days would involve 2 days of rafting on the Tara river (its water has an unbelievable beautiful colour) and 1 day canyoning in the Nevidio canyon; all locations are situated in Muntenegro. I understand that tourists from all over Europe come here to enjoy these types of activities and the amazing scenery.

Our first 2 days of rafting didn’t include only rafting itself, but also cliff diving, zip line riding and sightseeing. If you are near or pass through Žabljak you must try the zip line – it is the longest one in Europe (350m of cable line at 170m altitude above the Tara river). It is awesome!

I must say that all the things mentioned before wouldn’t have been even as close to wonderfull as they were if it wasn’t for our local guide, Ivan. First of all, he is a very responsible and professional person. I felt that I could trust him with my life…and I did…and here I am telling you about it. This sense of security that he gave me was a very important aspect of this trip. Secondly, he is such a likeable guy. He’s always polite, always fun and you can see that he really loves what he does, just as much as you can see this on Isti Pisty or George.

All these personality traits became even clearer in the 3rd day – canyoning day. The way Ivan guided the group through Nevidio canyon was incredible. Safety was always first. During the canyoning, we also had a second guide named Dashi. He was also very responsible and professional and he “covered our backs” so to say. Also, he was always in a good mood, smiling, while securing us through the rocks.

Having this feeling of safety, we could really enjoy the breath taking scenery and have fun. The experience was incredible and our team building was a success. Everyone was looking out for their team mates.

I never thought of Muntenegro or Bosnia – Herzegovina or Serbia as such beautiful countries. For example, it took about 3 hours by car on surprisingly well maintained roads from our rafting camp to the canyoning spot. In all this time, we couldn’t take our eyes from the car windows as the surroundings were so astounding (this ride was through Muntenegro).

This trip and the stories which emerged will never leave our hearts or memories. I am very grateful for the opportunity of being part of such an amazing team.

To conclude, if you think you’d like to enjoy life through these kinds of experiences contact Isti Pisty or George from No-Mads and they will make your trip worthwhile :)

P.S. I must mention that there were people in our group who had never gone rafting or canyoning before and there even was someone who didn’t know how to swim. Still, we all did great and had a memorable trip.

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